Atlas of ultrasound images - obsterics (pg. 5)

In the section "Оbstetrics" of atlas the results of ultrasonic examinations of pregnant women with different durations of gestation are represented. Here you can see images of internally organs, cerebrum, cordis and the sex of the fetus, the sonograms of multiple pregnancy, the blood flow in placenta and umbilical cord, defects of fetal`s development, etc.

Fetal heart, B-mode

HS40. Fetal heart, B-mode.

Umbilical cord, color doppler

HS40. Umbilical cord, color doppler.

Fetal brain, B-mode

HS50. Fetal brain, B-mode.

Fetal heart, PW doppler

HS50. Fetal heart, PW doppler.

Fetal abdomen, B-mode

HS50. Fetal abdomen, B-mode.

Fetus (1-st trimester), B-mode

HS50. Fetus (1-st trimester), B-mode.

Umbilical cord, CFM & PW

HS50. Umbilical cord, CFM & PW.

Fetal heart, B-mode

HS50. Fetal heart, B-mode.

Umbilical artery, S-Flow

HS50. Umbilical artery, S-Flow.

Fetus - early gestation, MSV

HS50. Fetus - early gestation, MSV.

Fetus, Mirror View, 3D

HS60. Fetus, Mirror View, 3D.

Fetus - nuchal translucency, 2D NT

HS60. Fetus - nuchal translucency, 2D NT.

Fetus - face, Realistic Vue, 3D

HS60. Fetus - face, Realistic Vue, 3D.

Fetus - 21 weeks, Crystal Vue, 3D

HS60. Fetus - 21 weeks, Crystal Vue, 3D.

Fetal heart (4 chamber view), B-mode

HS60. Fetal heart (4 chamber view), B-mode.

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The description of ultrasound examinations in russian (эхография) and in english are situated in the database. The description of the diagnostic in the english language is closer to latin and doctors are likely to prefer this variant.