Atlas of ultrasound images

Atlas of ultrasound images

The atlas of echograms is created for demonstrating the capabilities of Samsung Medison ultrasound scanners. The main part of ultrasound images is received from Korea, new echograms - from users of Samsung Medison scanners in Russia: institutes, diagnostic medical centres and private practicing doctors. The material is recommended for viewing by specialists of ultrasound diagnostics.

Heart, Stress Echo

RS80. Heart, Stress Echo.

Heart, left ventricle, Strain+

RS80. Heart, left ventricle, Strain+.

Liver, S-Fusion

RS80. Liver, S-Fusion.

Liver, S-Fusion with CEUS+

RS80. Liver, S-Fusion with CEUS+.

Liver, contrast enchansment, VesselMax

RS80. Liver, contrast enchansment, VesselMax.

Liver, contrast enchansment

RS80. Liver, contrast enchansment.

Kidney, contrast enchansment, FlowMax

RS80. Kidney, contrast enchansment, FlowMax.

Kidney, contrast enchansment

RS80. Kidney, contrast enchansment.

Liver, S-Harmonic

RS80. Liver, S-Harmonic.

Wrist, ganglion

RS80. Wrist, ganglion.

Femur, quadriceps

RS80. Femur, quadriceps.

Heart, color doppler

RS80. Heart, color doppler.

Thyroid, nodule

RS80. Thyroid, nodule.

Kidney, B-mode

RS80. Kidney, B-mode.

Common carotid artery, triplex mode

RS80. Common carotid artery, triplex mode.

Finger, ganglion

RS80. Finger, ganglion.

Thyroid, nodule, ClearVision

PT60. Thyroid, nodule, ClearVision.

Supraspinatus tendon, MultiVision

PT60. Supraspinatus tendon, MultiVision.

Liver, ClearVision

PT60. Liver, ClearVision.

Thyroid, MultiVision

PT60. Thyroid, MultiVision.

Heart, parasternal access

PT60. Heart, parasternal access.

Median nerve, MultiVision

PT60. Median nerve, MultiVision.

Gall bladder, polyp, В-mode

PT60. Gall bladder, polyp, В-mode.

Common carotid artery, Auto IMT

PT60. Common carotid artery, Auto IMT.

Common carotid artery, triplex mode

PT60. Common carotid artery, triplex mode.

Fetus, 21 weeks, Realistic Vue, 3D

WS80. Fetus, 21 weeks, Realistic Vue, 3D.

Muscle, mass, B-mode

WS80. Muscle, mass, B-mode.

Ovarian follicles, 5D follicle

WS80. Ovarian follicles, 5D follicle.

Fetus, ulna and radius, Crystal Vue, 3D

WS80. Fetus, ulna and radius, Crystal Vue, 3D.

Fetus, 14 weeks, Realistic Vue, 3D

WS80. Fetus, 14 weeks, Realistic Vue, 3D.

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Doppler - scan mode for vessel blood flow diagnostic.
3D - three-dimensional sonography.

The description of ultrasound examinations in Russian and in English are situated in the database. The description of the diagnostic in the English language is closer to Latin and doctors are likely to prefer this variant.