Atlas of ultrasound images - gynecology

In the section "Gynecology" of atlas the results of ultrasound examinations of female maladies are represented. Here you can see images of uterus and ovaries, fallopian tubes and urinary bladder, the sonograms of ectopic pregnancy, endometrial polyp, myoma, cystic lesion, bicornuate uterus, etc.

Uterus, B-mode

HS70. Uterus, B-mode.

Ovarian follicles, 5D follicle

WS80. Ovarian follicles, 5D follicle.

Uterus, probe with wide angle view

WS80. Uterus, probe with wide angle view.

Uterus, Oblique View

HM70. Uterus, Oblique View.

Uterus, partial uterine perforation IUD

Accuvix-V10. Uterus, partial uterine perforation IUD.

Uterus, adenomyosis, B-mode + SRF

Accuvix-A30. Uterus, adenomyosis, B-mode + SRF.

Endometrium, TVE

SonoAce-R7. Endometrium, TVE.

Uterus, TVE

SonoAce-R7. Uterus, TVE.

Ovary with follicles, TVE

SonoAce-R7. Ovary with follicles, TVE.

Uterine fibroid, TVE (transvaginal echography)

Accuvix-XG. Uterine fibroid, TVE (transvaginal echography).

Uterus, B-mode

SonoAce-R3. Uterus, B-mode.

Uterus, B-mode

MySono-U5. Uterus, B-mode.


MySono-U5. Uterus.

Uterus, PW, color doppler

MySono-U5. Uterus, PW, color doppler.


MySono-U5. Ovary.


SonoAce-X6. Uterus.

Ovarian cyst with inversion 3D

Accuvix-V20. Ovarian cyst with inversion 3D.

Ovarian mass (malignant) with OVIX

Accuvix-V20. Ovarian mass (malignant) with OVIX.

Uterus in OVIX

Accuvix-V20. Uterus in OVIX.

Uterus, oblique view

Accuvix-XQ. Uterus, oblique view.

Uterus, OVIX, 3D

Accuvix-XQ. Uterus, OVIX, 3D.

Ovary cyst, MSV

Accuvix-XQ. Ovary cyst, MSV.

Bicornate uterus, MSV

Accuvix-XQ. Bicornate uterus, MSV.

Bicornate uterus, MSV

Accuvix-XQ. Bicornate uterus, MSV.

Subchorionic bleeding

SonoAce-8000. Subchorionic bleeding.

Ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube dilatation

SonoAce-8000. Ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube dilatation.

Subchorionic bleeding, 3D

SonoAce-8000. Subchorionic bleeding, 3D.

Subchorionic bleeding, color doppler

SonoAce-8000. Subchorionic bleeding, color doppler.

Ectopic pregnancy, 3D

SonoAce-8000. Ectopic pregnancy, 3D.

Ectopic pregnancy, power doppler

SonoAce-8000. Ectopic pregnancy, power doppler.

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Doppler - scan mode for vessel blood flow diagnostic.
3D - three-dimensional sonography.
MSV - 3D image multi-slice view mode (ultrasound tomography).
Oblique - Oblique View programme example, a selected slice of 3D image (Samsung Medison ultrasound technology "3D-XI").

The description of ultrasound examinations in russian (эхография) and in english are situated in the database. The description of the diagnostic in the english language is closer to latin and doctors are likely to prefer this variant.