Abdomen - ultrasound images

Abdomen - ultrasound images

In the section "Abdominal ultrasonography" of atlas the results of ultrasound examinations of abdominal cavity organs are represented. Here you can see images of gall bladder, liver, kidney and intestine, the sonograms: ureter stone, intrahepatic calcification, hemangioma, enlarged spleen, etc.

Liver, S-Harmonic

HS70A. Liver, S-Harmonic.

Liver, S-Fusion

RS80A. Liver, S-Fusion.

Liver, S-Fusion with CEUS+

RS80A. Liver, S-Fusion with CEUS+.

Liver, contrast enchansment, VesselMax

RS80A. Liver, contrast enchansment, VesselMax.

Liver, contrast enchansment

RS80A. Liver, contrast enchansment.

Kidney, contrast enchansment, FlowMax

RS80A. Kidney, contrast enchansment, FlowMax.

Kidney, contrast enchansment

RS80A. Kidney, contrast enchansment.

Liver, S-Harmonic

RS80A. Liver, S-Harmonic.

Kidney, B-mode

RS80A. Kidney, B-mode.

Liver, ClearVision

PT60A. Liver, ClearVision.

Gall bladder, polyp, В-mode

PT60A. Gall bladder, polyp, В-mode.

Hepatic vein, S-Flow

HM70A. Hepatic vein, S-Flow.

Liver, B-mode

H60. Liver, B-mode.

Kidney, B-mode

H60. Kidney, B-mode.

Pancreas, THI mode

H60. Pancreas, THI mode.

Kidney, S-flow mode

H60. Kidney, S-flow mode.

Gallbladder, polyp, SDMR mode

H60. Gallbladder, polyp, SDMR mode.

Gall bladder, polyp, В-mode + zoom

U6. Gall bladder, polyp, В-mode + zoom.

Liver, B-mode + SRF

U6. Liver, B-mode + SRF.

Gallbladder, stone, MSV mode

Accuvix-V10. Gallbladder, stone, MSV mode.

Gallbladder, stone, B-mode

Accuvix-V10. Gallbladder, stone, B-mode.

Kidney, color doppler

Accuvix-V10. Kidney, color doppler.

Kidney, B-mode

Accuvix-V10. Kidney, B-mode.

Liver, hemangioma, B-mode

Accuvix-V10. Liver, hemangioma, B-mode.

Liver, HDVI mode, 3D

Accuvix-A30. Liver, HDVI mode, 3D.

Liver, Multi OVIX mode, 3D

Accuvix-A30. Liver, Multi OVIX mode, 3D.

Liver, inversion mode, 3D

Accuvix-A30. Liver, inversion mode, 3D.

Gallbladder, stones, Multi OVIX mode, 3D

Accuvix-A30. Gallbladder, stones, Multi OVIX mode, 3D.

Liver, hemangioma, MSV mode

Accuvix-A30. Liver, hemangioma, MSV mode.

Liver, tumor, MSV

R7. Liver, tumor, MSV.

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Doppler - scan mode for vessel blood flow diagnostic.
3D - three-dimensional sonography.
MSV - 3D image multi-slice view mode (ultrasound tomography).

The description of ultrasound examinations in Russian and in English are situated in the database. The description of the diagnostic in the English language is closer to Latin and doctors are likely to prefer this variant.