Atlas of ultrasound images - gynecology

In the section "Gynecology" of atlas the results of ultrasound examinations of female maladies are represented. Here you can see images of uterus and ovaries, fallopian tubes and urinary bladder, the sonograms of ectopic pregnancy, endometrial polyp, myoma, cystic lesion, bicornuate uterus, etc.

Ectopic pregnancy, B-mode

SA-8000. Ectopic pregnancy, B-mode.

Uterus, myometrium, 3D

SA-8000. Uterus, myometrium, 3D.

Uterine myoma, color doppler, 3D

SA-8000. Uterine myoma, color doppler, 3D.

Uterine myoma, power doppler, 3D

SA-8000. Uterine myoma, power doppler, 3D.

Endometrial polyp

SA-8000. Endometrial polyp.

Ovary cyst, 3D

SA-8000. Ovary cyst, 3D.

Ovarian cyst, power doppler, 3D

Accuvix-XQ. Ovarian cyst, power doppler, 3D.

Septate uterus, cine, 3D

Accuvix-XQ. Septate uterus, cine, 3D.

Septate uterus, 3D

Accuvix-XQ. Septate uterus, 3D.

Uterus, 3D

Accuvix-XQ. Uterus, 3D.


Accuvix-XQ. Uterus.


Pico. Uterus.

Ovary, cyst, 3D

SA-9900. Ovary, cyst, 3D.

Uterus, normal

SA-9900. Uterus, normal.

Uterus, lippes loop, 3D

SA-9900. Uterus, lippes loop, 3D.

Uterus, myoma, B-mode

SA-9900. Uterus, myoma, B-mode.


SA-9900. Uterus.

Ovary, B-mode

SA-9900. Ovary, B-mode.

Cleft lip

SA-9900. Cleft lip.

Uterrus, bladder, B-mode

SA-9900. Uterrus, bladder, B-mode.

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Doppler - scan mode for vessel blood flow diagnostic.
3D - three-dimensional sonography.

The description of ultrasound examinations in russian (эхография) and in english are situated in the database. The description of the diagnostic in the english language is closer to latin and doctors are likely to prefer this variant.