Echocardiography - ultrasound images

Echocardiography - ultrasound images

In this section of atlas the results of ultrasonic examinations in cardiology are represented. Here you can see images: aortic, mitral and tricuspid valves, left and right ventricles, echograms of cardiomyopathy, regurgitation of valves, etc.

Heart, parasternal access, fundamental harmonic

SA-8000. Heart, parasternal access, fundamental harmonic.

Mirtal Valve, M-mode

128BW. Mirtal Valve, M-mode.

Left Ventricul, M-mode

128BW. Left Ventricul, M-mode.

Apical 4 chamber view

128BW. Apical 4 chamber view.

Aortic valve

128BW. Aortic valve.

Parasternal short axis view, MV

128BW. Parasternal short axis view, MV.

Parasternal long axis view

128BW. Parasternal long axis view.

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The description of ultrasound examinations in Russian and in English are situated in the database. The description of the diagnostic in the English language is closer to Latin and doctors are likely to prefer this variant.