Atlas of ultrasound images - abdomen

In the section "Abdominal ultrasonography" of atlas the results of ultrasound examinations of abdominal cavity organs are represented. Here you can see images of gall bladder, liver, kidney and intestine, the sonograms: ureter stone, intrahepatic calcification, hemangioma, enlarged spleen, etc.

Liver, B-mode

R3. Liver, B-mode.

Gall bladder

U5. Gall bladder.


U5. Liver.


X6. Liver.

Liver ascites

Accuvix-V20. Liver ascites.


Accuvix-V20. Gallbladder.


X4. Kidney.

Liver and gallbladder

X4. Liver and gallbladder.

Urinary bladder

X4. Urinary bladder.

Abdominal aorta

X4. Abdominal aorta.


X4. Liver.

Blood flow in epigastrio, color doppler

Accuvix-XQ. Blood flow in epigastrio, color doppler (videо).

Liver, vessels, color doppler

Accuvix-XQ. Liver, vessels, color doppler (videо).

Sigmoid colon cancer

Accuvix-XQ. Sigmoid colon cancer.

Right kidney, MSV

Accuvix-XQ. Right kidney, MSV.

Liver, MSV

Accuvix-XQ. Liver, MSV.

Renal, power doppler

Accuvix-XQ. Renal, power doppler.

Renal, color doppler

Accuvix-XQ. Renal, color doppler.

Renal stone

Accuvix-XQ. Renal stone.

Pancrease pseudocyst

Accuvix-XQ. Pancrease pseudocyst.

Pleural effusion

Accuvix-XQ. Pleural effusion.

Metastasis from retroperitoneal lymphoma

Accuvix-XQ. Metastasis from retroperitoneal lymphoma.

Gall bladder stone

Accuvix-XQ. Gall bladder stone.

Gall bladder polyp

Accuvix-XQ. Gall bladder polyp.

Liver, compound harmonic image

Accuvix-XQ. Liver, compound harmonic image.

Liver, harmonic image

Accuvix-XQ. Liver, harmonic image.


Accuvix-XQ. Liver.

Right kidney

Pico. Right kidney.

Renal, color doppler

Pico. Renal, color doppler.


Pico. Liver.

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Doppler - scan mode for vessel blood flow diagnostic.
MSV - 3D image multi-slice view mode (ultrasound tomography).
Video - fragment of ultrasound diagnostic record (animation "gif" file, size 1-2 Mb).

The description of ultrasound examinations in russian (эхография) and in english are situated in the database. The description of the diagnostic in the english language is closer to latin and doctors are likely to prefer this variant.