Abdomen - ultrasound images

Abdomen - ultrasound images

In the section "Abdominal ultrasonography" of atlas the results of ultrasound examinations of abdominal cavity organs are represented. Here you can see images of gall bladder, liver, kidney and intestine, the sonograms: ureter stone, intrahepatic calcification, hemangioma, enlarged spleen, etc.

Renal, power doppler

SA-9900. Renal, power doppler.

Renal, color doppler

SA-9900. Renal, color doppler.

Renal stone

SA-9900. Renal stone.

Renal cyst

SA-9900. Renal cyst.

Kidney, B-mode

SA-9900. Kidney, B-mode.

Ureter stone

SA-9900. Ureter stone.

Spleen, B-mode

SA-9900. Spleen, B-mode.

Liver cyst, zoom

SA-9900. Liver cyst, zoom.

Liver, stone, B-mode

SA-9900. Liver, stone, B-mode.

Liver, distal common bile duct

SA-9900. Liver, distal common bile duct.

Liver cyst, simple

SA-9900. Liver cyst, simple.

Intestines, intraperitoneal mass

SA-9900. Intestines, intraperitoneal mass.

Liver, hepatoma

SA-9900. Liver, hepatoma.

Geographic fat liver

SA-9900. Geographic fat liver.

Liver cyst, multiple

SA-9900. Liver cyst, multiple.

Mass of the pancreatic tail

SA-9900. Mass of the pancreatic tail.

Pancreas, normal

SA-9900. Pancreas, normal.

Liver, intrahepatic calcification

SA-9900. Liver, intrahepatic calcification.

Renal, color doppler

SA-8000. Renal, color doppler.


SA-8000. Kidney.

Gall bladder, harmonic

SA-8000. Gall bladder, harmonic.

Gall bladder, fundamental

SA-8000. Gall bladder, fundamental.

Liver, hemangioma

SA-8000. Liver, hemangioma.

Liver, hepatoma

SA-8000. Liver, hepatoma.

Liver, gallbladder stone

SA-8000. Liver, gallbladder stone.

Liver, hemangioma

SA-8000. Liver, hemangioma.


SA-8000. Liver.

Renal, power doppler

SA-8000. Renal, power doppler.

Liver cirrhosis

SA-8000. Liver cirrhosis.

Liver cyst

SA-600. Liver cyst.

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Doppler - scan mode for vessel blood flow diagnostic.

The description of ultrasound examinations in Russian and in English are situated in the database. The description of the diagnostic in the English language is closer to Latin and doctors are likely to prefer this variant.